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42 Bowmont St, KELSO, TD5 7JH Tel/Fax: 01573 224154
Office Hours: Tue & Thu 9am - 2pm
Church of Scotland | Scottish Charity Number: SCO14039

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At Kelso North & Ednam, we welcome visitors and members alike.


We will be more than pleased to hear from you about any matter of church life, so please never hesitate to pick up the telephone or use our contact form to get in touch.

Thought for the Day

May the Lord bless you and take care of you; May the Lord be kind and gracious to you; May the Lord look on you with favour and give you peace.

Numbers 6. verses 24 - 26 Used with permission. Taken from The Good News Bible BFBS/ABS/HarperCollins.

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Times of Worship

Worship takes place in both churches every Sunday.

Ednam 9.30am
Kelso North 11.00am

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Directory of Staff


  • Directory of Staff & Volunteers
Reverend Anna RodwellMinister: Kelso North and Ednam Parish
Reverend Anna Rodwell
Tel 07765 169826
Miss Kate Fish Session Clerk
Miss Kate Fish

Mrs Karren RobertsChurch Secretary
Mrs Karren Roberts

Reverend Anna RodwellConvener of the Congregational Board
Reverend Anna Rodwell
Tel 07765 169826
Kayte HallidayClerk to the Congregational Board
Kayte Halliday
Tel 01573 226129
Margaret AitkenTreasurer
Miss Margaret Aitken
Tel 01573 223944
Kojoe OtooTemporary Church Officer
Mr Kojoe Otoo
Colin CarruthersGift Aid Convener
Mr Colin Carruthers
Tel 01573 223344
Mr Jamie McKenzieOrganist and Choir Director
Mr Jamie McKenzie

Mrs Grace PayneOrganist: Ednam
Mrs Grace Payne
Tel 01573 228745

Margaret MillsSafeguarding
Miss Margaret Mills
Tel 01573 224937
Mr Colin TaylorResources Manager
Mr Colin Taylor
Tel 01573 223723
Mrs Jeanette DuncansonKelso Churches Together Representative
Mrs Jeanette Duncanson

Jim ColledgeLife & Work Convener
Mr Jim Colledge,
Tel 01573 225006
Mary StoneMagazine editor
Mary Stone
Kelso North: Church Officers Church Officers Kelso North
Mr Jim Colledge
Mr Robert Thomson
Ms Evelyn Mens
Denis Sweeney Flower Convener: Ednam
Mr Denis Sweenie
Tel 01573 223320
Mrs Evelyn Meins Flower Convener: Kelso North
Mrs Evelyn Meins
Tel 01573 224154
Mr Eddie Robertson Fabric Convenor: Kelso North
Mr Eddie Robertson

AITKEN, Margaret
54 Abbotseat, Kelso Tel 01573 223944
BOLTON, Violet
Session Clerk
3 Wallaceneuk, Kelso Tel 01573 225751
Gift Aid Convener
48 Pinnaclehill Park, Kelso, Tel 01573 223344
Church Secretary
Church Office, 42 Bowmont Street, Kelso, Tel 01573 224154
Life & Work Convener & Church Officer: Kelso North
100 Roxburgh Street, Kelso, Tel 01573 225006
COWE, Anne
Church Flowers: Kelso

Tel 01573 223747
Church Officer: Kelso North

Tel 01573 224570
Clerk to the Congregational Boarde

6 Abbey View, Kelso, Tel 01573 224570
Director of Music, Kelso North

47 Bountrees, Jedburgh
MILLS, Margaret
Child Protection Co-ordinator
4 Mercers Court, Kelso, Tel 01573 224937
PAYNE, Grace
Organist: Ednam

Tel 01573 224875
SMALL, Peter
Convener of the Congregational Board

21 Pinnaclehill Park, Kelso, Tel 01573 225896
Church Flowers: Ednam

1 Stichill Road, Ednam, Tel 01573 223320
Resources Manager

56 Broomlea, Kelso, Tel 01573 223723
Church Officer: Kelso North

12 The Tofts, Kelso, Tel 01573 223081
Junior Church

3 Inch Gardens, Kelso, Tel 01573 223746
Fabric Convener

4 Abbey View, Kelso, Tel 01573 223474