Church of Scotland

42 Bowmont St, KELSO, TD5 7JH Tel/Fax: 01573 224154
Office Hours: Tue & Thu 9am - 2pm
Church of Scotland | Scottish Charity Number: SCO14039

Junior Church

Kelso North, Sunday Worship

The Junior Church meets at 11:00am during morning worship at Kelso North.

Primary (5 - 7 years old) in the Upper Hall and Junior (8 - 10 years old) in the Rainbow Room (basement).

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Day & Time:
Sundays at Kelso North during morning worship at 11.00am

Leader: Mrs Elinor Docherty,
Telephone 01573 223122
Leader: Miss Joyce Wardhaugh,
C/O Church Office
Telephone 01573 224154

Junior Church

Activities n Puzzles

If you missed any of our puzzles or activities, don't worry, you can still join in ... click on a link below.


New Year's ResolutionsHAPPY NEW YEAR! New Year’s Resolutions

There’s something rather nice about beginning a New Year, isn’t there? It’s a bit like having a big, blank page of paper in front of us,  we can start again, add whatever we like to it, and in whatever colour or style. The page is fresh and new, just waiting for us to make our mark upon it. But what will our page for this New Year look like?
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Word Search


Pentecost Word Search

Pentecost…when we remember the coming of the Holy Spirit to help the believers and followers of Jesus. Do you remember the story? You can find it in the New Testament in your Bible, Acts chapter 2, verses 1 – 13.

Here is a word search to help you remember.
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Mother's & Father's Day

Create a Mother's Day Card

A Mother's Day card for you to create for your Mum . Print a card and colour it in for your Mum. Visit our link to print a card for your special Mum. ( Source:
Click here to view and print "Happy Mother's Day!" card

Father's Day Memory Game

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Create a Father's Day Card

A Father's Day card for you to create for your Dad. Print a card and colour it in for your Dad.
Visit our link to print a card for your special Dad. ( Source:
Click here to view and print "The Best Dad in the World" card


Harvest Basket Search

At Harvest we give thanks for our wonderful world and God’s goodness to us. We remember the wonderful gifts he gives us; food, resources, people and provision of all sorts. So, can you find the words hidden in our quiz which relate to this special time and also remind us of the things for which we should thank God?  Click Here to Play »


November Shoe Box Search

Match the person to their shoe box, can you follow the trail?
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