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Ednam Church

Join Us in Worship

At present, sevices are held in Ednam Church at 9.30am every Sunday.

During July and August there is also only one service and details of the venue for each month will also be posted on the Calendar of Events. Occasional evening and other services are held and details will be given in plenty time.


Information | Ednam Architecture

The Architecture of Ednam Church

Ednam ChurchEdnam Church stands on almost the same site as the original, dating from 1105 AD. Its charter, in Durham Cathedral, is the earliest known record of a Scottish Parish. The Laird of Ednam, youngest son of Malcolm Canmore and Queen Margaret was crowned King David 1 of Scotland in 1124.

Just inside the gate, a garden of rest, created in 1996, provides a quiet spot for contemplation. Sheltering in the corner of the Church is the burial place of the wealthy Kelso merchant, James Dickson, owner of the parish in the late 18th century. The main street of Ednam today is still how Dickson planned it.

Ednam ChurchThe stone church, built in 1802, has a bird cage belfry on the roof, but the bell (1612) can only be seen in Coldstream museum.

A porch was added to the door in 1902, but 98 years were to pass before this was given a strong wooden outer door, thanks to the skill of David Gillie.

In the sanctuary, the dark wooden vaulted ceiling and striking archway leading to the chancel, are immediately noticeable as are 3 brass memorial plaques and 2 long handled wooden ladles, for the offering, though unused nowadays.

Communion TableIn the chancel, note the fine carving on the communion table and chairs and the linenfold panelling around the walls.

The sculptural floral works of art are by Denis Sweenie, the collage panel is by Kathleen Binnie and the pulpit falls were created between 2002 and 2004 by Annette Bruce, Alice McEwan, Betty Robb, Sandra Robertson and Vera Stenhouse.

In October 2005, the congregation, school and village celebrated 900 years of history in this lovely corner of Scotland.